An ‘Open Heart’ Attitude Will Get You Dates in Vancouver

An ‘Open Heart’ attitude will get you dates in Vancouver

What happens when we smile to people? They smile back. When we do something good for people, they want to help us as well, but in order to be able to receive love and appreciation; we need an open heart to allow the love to flow.

an open heart attitued will get you dates in vancouver

How much do you think people know the real you?

Can they read you without requiring a secret interpreter’s guide? Often others want to know us, but our discomfort with our own being – the size or shape of our body or nose, our level of education or our childhood regrets, can create an unseen but very real boundary between us and others.

Authenticity – The Art of Being You

Authenticity is an honesty and clarity that allows, permits, and even values who you are as an individual to be known and honoured. It is unafraid, courageous, and forthright.  You authentic self is how you differentiate yourself with everyone else and includes your strengths and weaknesses, values and opinions, background and future hopes.

When you are comfortable with your authentic self you will experience:

•    Confidence that comes from doing what you love
•    Positive thinking that determines a happy ride
•    Creativity as a source of playfulness and joy
•    Kindness that surrounds us with great people
•    Playfulness that brings more fun into your life
•    Life goals that stimulate creative thinking
•    Gratitude that brings appreciation and satisfaction with what you have
•    Dreams that make you to learn and experience new things
•    Self respect from being, saying and doing – the same

What we can do to have our heart more open, more present and more authentic?

•    Start developing our playfulness and spontaneity.
•    Allow ourselves to laugh and to be silly.
•    Seek for help to get rid of limiting believes.
•    Develop good relationships with our parents and kids.
•    Say ‘thank you’ for what we have.
•    Unleash our creativity – everyone has a talent.
•    Get back to our hobbies – whatever makes us focus on the moment and enjoy the process.
•    Say ‘yes’ to exciting experiences and meeting new people.

Write down one thing you are going to do to be more present and open.

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