Attractor Factor

Attractor FactorAttractor Factor

“I hate dating.”

As a relationship coach, I wish I had a nickel for how many clients and friends have said those three words to me. They have tried matchmaker services but it didn’t work.  EHarmony didn’t work. After a week or two they throw in the towel. What’s missing is the attractor factor.

“I wish my friends would quit trying to set me up.  They have no idea of who I am looking for.”

I hear about great online introductions and bad dates. I hear about sneaking out through the bathroom window and leaving the date with a restaurant bill. My clients report that they listened for hours to a date talking about their ex.’s craziness. According to expert online daters, people lie about their employment, height, weight and often marital status.  I have comforted those who experienced the “E-break”; an email sent on their birthday or after a stressful event.

IF that isn’t bad enough, it happens repeatedly!  From one bad relationship to another bad date, single people often feel defeated wondering why you meet the same ROTTEN people over and over again.

There is one common factor in all your relationships – You!

You have a problem with your attractor factor.

Attraction starts from within and something has gone amuck!

The attractor factor

Attraction is powerful internal state, which is developed through personal growth, challenges, life experiences, who you associate with, and your achievements.

Attraction from others begins when you know something unique about yourself and bring it to life; when you know that your presence in this world makes a difference, and that others want to enjoy what you bring to the table.

Your attraction is the part in you that you have to find.  No one can do it for you.  This is your journey and your destination. Once you know it, you begin to connect with a perfectly matching energies = partner.

You’ll find that as you change your mindset, the situations you find yourself in look much different.  No longer do you need others to change for you to be happy.  You are happy, content and at peace.

Attractor factor right for work, wrong for love.

Maybe your life is good.  You might be happily single, successful in your career with great friends and family. Your life might be exciting and fast paced full of meetings, travel and year end bonuses.  But if your love relationships are not working, something is missing.  You have yet to find the puzzle pieces that fit together to form a whole.

You have to find that missing piece.  Only then do you become whole and irresistibly attractive, to the RIGHT kind of person.

What will you give to someone else?

When we are looking for a partner, instead of focusing on what we can get, we need look first at ourselves – what can we give and how can we become a more attractive match?

Exercise: What happened in your life that you would never think would happen? (Relocating and establishing at another town/country/continent; accomplishments in sports or career; unexpected money exactly when you needed it; meeting someone whom you needed to meet) What were you doing, who were you ‘being”, what was life like when it happened?  Can you see any similarities?
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