STOP Dating and START Attracting WORKSHOP

stop lookingWhen: Monday, September 27th, 2010
616-736 Granville St., Vancouver, BC
7pm – 9pm

STOP the search and start attracting what you want, in life and in relationships. Love is not difficult to find. Most likely, it is looking for you! You don’t have to spend years waiting for a perfect person. You are the perfect person!

Get clear on what you want from life and what you have to offer. Learn who you are towards yourself and how attractive you are as a partner.

It’s a magnetic effect: Like attracts like, this is why it’s very important to find out what is great and unique about you, and what a fantastic individual you are, so you can attract the person like yourself.

During this workshop you will
• Find out how attractive are YOU as a partner
• Learn how to enjoy life: Single or not!
• Improve your Self-confidence and Happiness
• Tap into your life goals through Future Self-Visualization.
• Find your unique Charisma
• Start attracting your best matches and send out the “NO GO” message to the rest!

Leave this workshop with your Attractor Factor working FOR you!

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Get Rid of Negative Beliefs and Meet the One

Get rid of negative beliefs and meet the One

meet the one“I know what I want. I am ready to meet the One. But why it takes so long to meet that person? “

As a relationship coach, I have heard this question so many times. We all have many roadblocks that prevent us from getting what we want. And many ‘external’ circumstances that we think are in the way are not actually external – it’s still our mind (beliefs) that limits us!  “Circumstances may cause a detour in your life but we still have control of our direction.”

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Sex Up Your Personal Style Statement

Sex Up Your Personal Style Statement

When:  Thu, Sep 30th
7pm – 10pm

Where: Serai Social Club
1660 Cypress Street
Vancouver, BC V6J 5J1

Attract women with confidence.

Attract women with confidence

There were no “pick up” lines suggested at the Dating Mastery Seminar that I attended last week.

Some time ago Stefan Pylarinos, the executive coach at Lifestyle Transformations (a dating service for men teaching them how to meet and interact with women in Vancouver) contacted me and asked if any of my clients could be interested in their service.

attract women with confidence

When I said that I would not recommend him unless I knew what they offered, he suggested that I ‘just come and see yourself.”

WOW… what an experience!

It took some courage to go and sit in a classroom with 15 guys, who came to learn about women and dating techniques.  To my surprise I didn’t really need my courage – the attendees hardly noticed my presence.

They were busy learning how to develop the ‘core dominance and assertiveness’ that all women are looking for, how to be yourself with women, how to overcome fears and approach the opposite sex anytime anywhere, and how they could meet 100+ women in one night!

Have you ever watched a living room full of guys watching the Stanley cup playoffs – final game, and in overtime?  The energy in the room was similar – I was in unfamiliar territory – watching the guys jumping out of their chairs, yelling and bouncing the ideas around.

What impressed me the most is, when they stated their philosophy, the first line that was listed was “adore and respect women.”

The presenter, Cheyenne Kamran,  the author of their innovative content and teaching methods, puts the energy to 10 in the first few seconds after he entered the room. Right away he developed trust from the audience.

Knowing the laid back attitude of the West coast, I was surprised to see that dynamic atmosphere, the integrity and the high level of the professionalism that was offered.

Usually I am skeptical when I read the selling lines of the description to workshops.  These guys  however, delivered pretty much everything they predicted, even their promise to “skyrocket your confidence in a matter of seconds”.  I saw it happen!

They didn’t waste time with group introductions; the training started right from the beginning,  very interactive, with smart friendly humor.  They taught useful information packed with great tips.

They addressed the principle issues – not just “how to get a date,” but an understanding and behaving from the the masculine core of a man.

For a shy guy with a fear of rejection and a dateless life, the goal is to have fun and enjoy meeting as many women as they wanted, before they settle down in a serious relationship with the right woman. I watched, while they learned how to do it.

I recommend the workshop to men wanting to develop their dating life with a goal to meet the woman who ends the search once and for all.

If You Never Failed – You Never lived

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Social Events with Vancouver Single Professionals

Hey, People-Who-mix-Business-and-Pleasure!

After our first Social at Serai, I talked to some people and we collectively agreed that we like Serai as a place for our social gatherings. It seems it’s an appropriate place for our group meetups.

Social Events with Vancouver Single Professionals

So, starting in September, we are going to have regular meetings at that friendly social club. Every last THURSDAY of each month is reserved for Vancouver Single Professionals!

Of course, we will have other occasional meetings (wine tours, picnics, art gallery tours, etc.), but I would like to spend more time in making our social gatherings more productive and valuable to everyone.

As part of this plan, I am going to invite different guests speakers to our meetings, who would give us some tips and insights in different areas: dating, communication, positive change…. and of course, business development.

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Find relationships that workWhen: Thursday, September 16th, 2010
Where: 616-736 Granville St., Vancouver, BC
Time: 7pm – 9pm


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Are You Ready for Love?

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Open Your Heart to Love

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