The Perfect Cocktail Dress in Vancouver

cocktail gownsThe Perfect Cocktail Dress in Vancouver.

Have you been invited to a private reception or cocktail party?  You can shine as a single person and light up the room you enter, or shine on his arm, a princess in your own rite.

Now to find the right dress that makes a statement, at least when you wear it !  After asking friends for advice, dropping into one store after another, it’s a trial by error effort.

When you finally find the right place, you know it! You like their expertise, how they talk, and you can tell they understand your needs. After going the extra mile, they recommend the perfect people for other services and shops you might need.

cocktail dress

“Irina couture” salon is a fine dress shop I found when I was looking for an evening dress.  I was invited to a private cocktail party and this time I decided to get a nice cocktail gown.  I don’t have to explain how hard it is to find a dress in a mall having a ‘non-standard’ size fitting 5 feet and 2 inches.

Irina understood my body shape right away; she knew which style would suit me, which one I should avoid, and how to show the advantages and hide the disadvantages of my figure. The first dress she took from the hanger was the only dress I tried. When I slipped it on, I think I grew few inches higher.

She recommended accessories and had a selection of scarves and purses. Besides formal dresses for cocktail parties and special events, she also offers Bridal Gowns and Prom Dresses for any taste. She offers gown consulting, formal dressmaking, restoration and redesign of existing gowns, and carries brand-name gowns as well.

For the right date dress for any formal occasion, or for the big day when not just any dress will do, I highly recommend Irina’s Salon.



2 Responses to “The Perfect Cocktail Dress in Vancouver”
  1. Cecilia says:

    Thanks a lot for this review, I think I will go check it out. Would you mind telling me what’s the price range in this salon? would I be able to find a dress for under 200?


  2. Tatiana says:

    Thanks, Cecilia
    The prices range is quite wide there, I am sure you can find a few dresses under 200.

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