Dating in Canada Shouldn’t be so Hard: Open Heart Attracts Love

Dating in Canada shouldn’t be so hard: Open Heart Attracts Love

Can you remember the time in your life before any of the break-ups and accompanying baggage, which seems cause many complications in dating in Canada?

Everything was fresh and exciting. We experienced the highest and the lowest levels of emotions. We felt courageous and adventurous. We could do whatever we thought we could, and we did. For some of us it was a bungee jump, while others bravely shared their poetry in a Language Studies class.

open heart attracts love

Our hearts were able to trust people and love without a fear of failure. We didn’t count how much money was spent on a gift for a friend or how much time we spent doing things for our “flame”.

Remember the feeling of a heart jumping right out of your chest, while your legs felt week and the sound of your blood pumping in your veins was like a roar in your head? Oh the awesomeness of accidentally bumping into a person you idolized, and you fully experienced every moment of being with them.

We were less guardedand more authentic, less restricted and more abandoned.  The future held mysteries and magic, and we lived with hope. Other people could see the “real” us because we weren’t concerned with hiding and sheltering our wounded egos.  Our hearts were able to receive love and appreciation, and the idea of meeting new people and experiencing new things was exhilarating.

We grew up and our big heart didn’t fit

Our own negative experiences along with the opinionated media and society trends can shape our belief systems and we can start to believe that people are not trustworthy. We hear it from every direction – ‘you are not good enough (thin enough, smart enough) to be treated well’, or ‘if you love, you get hurt, so look out for number one’.  These beliefs get imprinted into our heads and profoundly affect our daily life.

Your subconscious mind learns from these painful experiences and creates a comfort zone, with a guard to protect you from being hurt. Slowly you will become cautious and start to play it safe.

Corroded Love Lines

When we know too much, when we experienced too much pain, our loving mechanism becomes corroded. We become suspicions of other peoples’ intentions and don’t allow ourselves to feel anything deeply; we don’t say what we feel, and don’t do what we say, and when we get hurt we take it out on others.

We can’t receive love if the doors are closed

We have to have open hearts to allow that loving energy flowing.  We have to be present, open to possibilities, new meetings, and new experiences. It’s our new challenge; to be trusting and believing. We have to find that innocent part inside us who believes in soulmates and true love. If we want to have deep loving feelings that we can exchange with someone, we have to become more open to those feelings.

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