Find relationships that workWhen: Thursday, September 16th, 2010
Where: 616-736 Granville St., Vancouver, BC
Time: 7pm – 9pm


Our relationship patterns repeat themselves… repeat themselves… repeat themselves…

Unless you recognize what makes you tick, you will attract, quite unconsciously, the people who in one way or another resemble your previous partner. The same personality types might show up in different clothing, careers or social circles.

Join us in this workshop and explore your unique relationship patterns that attract certain people into your life. Leave the class having a plan of how to free yourself from old patterns and build new healthy love habits.

In this 2-hour workshop you will learn:
•    How your ‘Relationship DNA’ gets you in a cycle of ‘not-so-perfect’ relationships
•    How to stop attracting people that you don’t want to attract
•    Get clear of how healthy relationship looks like
•    How  to free yourself from old habits and build new relationship patterns

Through answering coaching questions and doing some exercises you will
•    Establish the border where You end and your Partner begins
•    Learn to say ‘no’ with power and confidence
•    Develop a list of qualities you should be looking for in a partner who is good for you and recognize the partners you need to avoid.

Leave the workshop with new possibilities and solid steps towards the relationship that’s right for you!

Learn more about Your relationship DNA.

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Workshops are held in a cozy office in downtown Vancouver (steps away from Granville and Vancouver City Centre skytrain stations. Spacious parkade is also available)


One Response to “FIND RELATIONSHIPS THAT WORK: Discover Your Relationship DNA WORKSHOP”
  1. Nataliia says:

    It was a great workshop! I have learned, that first we have to try to change ourself inside, and afterwards change our relationship:) The most amazing thing is that anyone can do it!
    So, get ready, set…gooooooooooo! Looking forward for a next workshop:)

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