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The Dating Coach Mantra – “Find Yourself- Find the One”

find yourselfThe road to finding a rich and fulfilling love relationship often seems littered with broken promises, dreams that lost their luster years ago, out-of-date wives tails, and too many failed diets.  As a relationship coach, I have heard scores of broken-hearted stories.

Many professional singles have resorted to “quick pics” online or in a 3 minute orchestrated interview at a downtown lounge.  Looking for someone else it’s easy to miss the vital truth: if you find yourself – you will find the one.

Dating Advice 101

The premise of my relationship coaching is this: You won’t find the one – until you find yourself.

No one can be for you, what only you can be and become.  It’s an inside job.

This journey to your core, to knowing yourself and enjoying your own friendship and inner fire, is an adventure of self-discovery.  You become aware of yourself in ways you never dreamed possible, and with that revelation, you become aware of your world.

You don’t need a man to bring you flowers to fall in love; you only need a rosebush on your walk to work to remind you that the entire universe is in love with you, as you love yourself.

Find Yourself: A lifelong exploration and source of endless joy, insight and personal satisfaction.

And before you know it, while you forgot to think about it, the law of attraction that magnetically attracts to yourself more of  what you are, begins to parade potential partners before your eyes!

Find Yourself- Find the One,



One Response to “Find Yourself”
  1. Harmony says:

    Wow, I love your point here about time. I have said that for years that the problem was finding the time to find someone. Maybe the problem is finding the time to find me.

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