Romantic Gift Idea That You Can Eat

Romantic Gift Idea That You Can Eat!

If you are looking for a special treat to impress a special date or someone you care about, how could you go wrong with a mix like this: flowers, fresh fruit and chocolate?

As a dating coach in Vancouver, I am always on the lookout for the unusual ways one can say “WOW, I am into you!” When I saw the advertisement to make fresh flowers from fruit, I was intrigued enough to get me in the car, and be on my way to the West Vancouver store. Not sure what I would see when I walked in the door, I certainly left, impressed!

With almost a thousand stores worldwide, this franchise, EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS has only two BC locations. People order fruit arrangements for anniversaries, birthdays, client’s appreciation gifts, and of course, for romance. (This is a perfect idea Valentine’s Day.)

Fortunately right after I’ve got to the store, someone called to make an order and I could observe how it is done. (Orders can be placed by phone or online.) After looking at the website, the caller decided on their arrangement and then to insure perfection, ENGIN M. FEDAIOGLU, owner of the local franchise had a few questions: what kind of container did they want, should it include a greeting card, any extras (like plush bears or balloons) they would like added to the arrangement, should the fruit be dipped in chocolate?

Once every single detail was clear, ENGIN confirmed delivery within 2 hours, and the designer started to work on the bouquet right away.

The fruits I saw used in the bouquets are strawberry, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes, apples, and bananas. You can see all possible over 50 different arrangements with a wide range of sizes and varieties of fruit at their very professional website.

Delivery is a $12  flat fee or you can pick it up from the store and Gift Certificates are available as well.

Once completed, the bouquet is wrapped in cellophane, a greeting card is enclosed, and helium balloons are attached, it’s ready to go to surprise someone’s special date or loved one.

Considering that a big box of chocolate is about 3,000 calories, pineapple daisies might be a healthy alternative and will add a wow factor to your present.



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