Giving Gifts Is Like Sharing Your Soul!

giving gifts is like sharing your soulGiving Gifts Is Like Sharing Your Soul!

Any gift, even the smallest one creates a bond between the giver and receiver, and adds to a relationship.

The tradition of holiday gift giving is expected, but there are many other reasons why we can give gifts.

We could think of a gift as an investment.  You may want to invest in the emotional exchange of a relationship, with a desire to increase fondness, trust or communication.  On the other hand, you can give now, and hope to “get” later. (I don’t recommend this type of intention, as the energy is base and the ROI (return on investment) is often poor.

An expensive gift might be a statement that we belong to a certain social standing. For some couples, the social standing adds credibility and is a requirement for future relationship building.

Our gifts can identify social ability. The more we are open and enjoy people’s company the easier and more often we give gifts with or without occasion.  Gifts often signify a person’s ability to listen, pay attention, and remember what is significant to another.  If your relationship is based on a mutual love of frugal anti-consumerism, even then gifts are appropriate, but the choice of gifting is calculated differently. For instance, you may want to purchase a gift at a thrift shop, or even participate in the swap communities where members share used furniture, clothing, décor etc with one another.  Buy a piece of furniture and paint or refinish it to add not only a gift of wood, but something unique of yourself.

A gift can be presented to say ‘sorry’ or ‘remember me’Careful though: Don’t abuse the sorry gifts. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see through a “PAY OFF” for unacceptable behaviour.

We G.R.O.W. When We Give

Gift giving is a ritual that helps us to express our feelings, but the perks go way beyond the ritual.  Giving a gift is an opportunity for us to connect with our inner part where we feel good about ourselves.  We invested our time, energy, creativity and/or money into something that benefited someone else.  What a boost to your self esteem!

We remind ourselves that we have a sincere, trustworthy and unselfish heart. We show others that we care for them selflessly; one of the key ingredients to a successful relationship.

Why is it more important to give than receive?  Because it’s more about us than about them! We become better people, bigger hearts, able to share and create, to express emotion and feeling.  We grow when we give.

The more energy we put into a gift (I didn’t say more money), the wider are our gates to give and receive love and appreciation, the more free we feel in expressing ourselves, the more we live in the moment.

How a Gift Can Backfire!

We should also remember that the person, who receives our gift, picks up the energy in the gift. There is a difference felt between “last minute must do gifts,” and gifts that reflect thought, time, consideration and personal attention.  Women are especially aware of the “energy” behind the gift, and it will certainly impact the way it is received.

If you buy a cake at the local grocery store, when you know that he doesn’t eat cake, or strongly prefers only homemade cake, the gift has a dual communication: “Here is your cake, and I don’t care if you like it.”

Of course, the receiver will often smile and express words of appreciation, but with some bitter feelings inside, remembering of how many times they expressed their likes and dislikes.

When we don’t put much thought into a gift, then again we miss an opportunity for making stronger bonds with our family, partner or friends.

Go For It!

Maybe it’s time to refresh your relationship and show your true self – the amazing person, creative and bold; the person who is capable of giving and loving big?  You don’t have to wait until a special holiday; the unexpected gifts are the most valuable ones.

A simple and inexpensive gift with an attached note saying “Thinking of you” will surprise a person whom your care about and add life and spice into your relationship.

You can also attach words of appreciation to your gift, or a complement. The energy of your verbal wish will tune-up the receiver and joy will fill their hearts with happiness and warm feelings.

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