Great Dates Start with Great Beginnings

Gret Date SecretsThree Big Secrets of a Great Date

Are you planning for a great date?  Have you been waiting to go out with this guy for months and last week he finally noticed your friendly gestures?  Okay, let’s make the best of it. The most important feature you have – over your hip size, breast size or the color of your skin – is your attractiveness.  How attractive are you?

I didn’t say how pretty, how lovely, how well built you are, rather  how attractive are you from the inside – out?

3 Keys to Attractiveness

1. Listen.

How well do you stop thinking, and planning, wondering and daydreaming and literally talking in your head, and simply give full-on attention to and listen?
Men and women love to talk about their favourite subject; their life.  It could be the job, hobbies, family, pet, travels etc..

Ask questions about what you begin to understand are important to him/her?  For instance, if they suggest that work is really compromising their integrity, or exhausting them you could ask: “What is the payoff for you at your job?  What do you enjoy that keeps you there?   The key is to listen, and show true interest in the human being in front of you.
Remember, the person you are dating is first of all a valued person with experience and intelligence, who happens to be on a great date with you.  Treat them like they are the only person, other than you, in the world for that hour or two.

2. Talk

Show ENTHUSIASM when you talk.  Stay on the positive side. Leave your old dates, disappointments, ex- girlfriends or boyfriends out of the picture and talk about what makes you happy, fulfilled, challenged, encouraged, and what you look forward to in the future. (Not marriage!)  Let your soul fill with your own excitement, and your eyes and voice and body language will tell you date a wonderful story while you speak.

3. Smile

Smile! In almost any situation a smile will take you a long way. It’s a must if you want to have great date.
Dates would like to be assured of your approval and acceptance. We all need approval.  It’ a warm, positive message you’re sending them when you smile.
No amount of make-up, botox, or skin care can do what a SMILE can do for you.
Smiling is attractive and makes you irresistible. Men are attracted to smiling or laughing females, because they tend to see them as good natured, happy, and without problems the men are supposed to solve. Women like men who smile because it indicates warmth, a kindness and even strength that communicates the ability to solve problems and appreciate closeness.

If you fake a smile, force a smile, or generally smile with a thought behind the smile that is accusing or condemning it will show and telegraph to your date: “I don’t like you.”

So fill you mind with the respect and appreciation you have for life, and let it shine through your eyes right to your sassy lips.  You never know, by the end of the evening, standing outside your door, it may pay off in spades!

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