How to Get A Ladies Phone Number

how to get a ladies phone numberHow to Get A Ladies Phone Number

Are you Courting A Woman?  Take Care! She thinks quite differently from the way you think.  Let’s look at a few examples:

1.   Men love with their eyes and women love with their ears. There is scientific evidence that indicates a man’s brain produces sex hormones when he sees a beautiful woman.  Women react to words, because they are imaginative or tend to be more right brained. How does this impact how you get a ladies phone number?

Rather than say, “Baby, the way you look make me want to call you the minute I leave you,” try the more subtle approach: “I know what I will be thinking while I am driving home tonight.  I will be wondering how I let a woman with your laughter and inquisitive mind leave without giving me a way I could see you again. Can I call you this weekend?”

2.    When you approach women, lower your voice.  A lower voice indicates confidence.  Women appreciate conversation, and a man who can present himself intelligently, demonstrating a mind that is philosophical in nature and open to ideas, will usually get her attention.

Your appearance is not as important as your ability to communicate and speak in ways a women needs to hear. You can practice it at home. Play with your voice, from high to low. Think of phrases and topics, which you can discuss with confidence and knowledge. Practice asking for her phone number with an excited higher pitch, and then ask for the ladies phone number in a lower tone, remembering tip #1 while you do.

Women like men who demonstrate wisdom and possess a strong nature, both in body and mind. Prove that you are the strongest, wisest, and the most light-hearted male individual in the room.

3.    On first approach, surprise her. When we experience the unexpected, we deviate from our stereotyped behaviour.  Women enjoy the slight confusion, the mystery of you, and the feeling of not knowing just how to react.  It creates the fluster that blossoms the cheeks and sparkles her eyes.

So a key to remember: Don’t use the standard pick up lines! Take the opportunity and time to prove that you are worth talking to!  If you are able to do something extraordinary, you will distinguish yourself from other men.

4.    Lead the conversation, don’t make her lead you. Ask questions, and tell about yourself, and be creative! Don’t tell them how good you are but prove that you possess the qualities that every woman is looking for.

5.    Breathe in unison, when you match their breathing, it’s very powerful force of seduction. This gives another person sense of security. (we practice this in my workshop – you should join us!)

If all goes well, be sure to ASK for her number, or offer her yours and invite the call.

Your appearance, level of education or financial success – doesn’t matter! Your charisma matters!


3 Responses to “How to Get A Ladies Phone Number”
  1. davenycity says:

    great blog thank you

  2. positive says:

    since I was a child I have charisma, Im not a good looking guy but I get the women attention, I believe anyone can have charisma if they practice what requieres


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