How to meet new people – “Get Friended”

How to meet new people - GetFriendedHow to meet new people – “Get Friended”

How do you meet new people? Through internet dating websites, through friends or relatives, at social mixers? All these ways have something in common – you both know why you are there – to meet another single.

This is my number one solution when clients ask me how to meet new people do something somewhere you don’t usually do anything.  Change it up!

Working as a dating coach I am always looking for new ways for people to meet. How about finding people with same interests as you and becoming FRIENDS FIRST?

The online community GetFriended has a different approach to meeting new people as it eliminates the dating factor by starting off as friends who are helping each other.

  • Ever needed a helping hand with your gardening or electronics?
  • Are you looking for somebody to go travel with? Of course, be especially careful with this kind of thing.  You need to know a lot about someone in person before planning a trip.
  • How about a new friend to do sport activities with?

Not all of us have the skills we need to do the things we want.  The right friends can add knowledge, experience and richness to our lives.  You can meet people with mutual interests at the new social network: GetFriended.

Just think about it as a party where you don’t know anyone. If you are too shy to approach people it can feel like agony. By eliminating the pressure to date someone and start off as friends, you will increase your chances of meeting the right person, and you will reduce the rate of being, yet again, disappointed from a date.

The GetFriended community was first introduced by the founder Galya Westler (also the director and founder of 2Galvanize Web Solutions) at a Meetup meeting that took place in the beginning of April at the new Keg in Yaletown. It was a party; great music, free appies, lots of great door prizes and a neat venue with some really cool people to mix and mingle and get to know. Approximately 90 people attended.

The very important feature of this site is a feedback system, where people who already used someone’s services or done some activities together can leave their honest opinion. This will make this online community a place where you can securely communicate and meet with people who have the same interests as you or offer help.

The community is just starting, but I believe that they have a big future. Friendship is a great place to start any relationship! is a free website. You can create a profile, search people with similar interests and read testimonials about them and communicate via chat and email. All of the features will be accessible for free for 3 months which after will charge a small fee for “added value” features only such as feedback reports from other users, choosing personalized skins to profiles and more.

Whether you are single or not; new to the city or just looking to meet useful friends in Vancouver you might find them on their website.

Watch a short video The meeting, where Galya introduced the GetFriended community


2 Responses to “How to meet new people – “Get Friended””
  1. Galya says:

    Tatiana gives a very good insight of information about She describes 1 aspect among 3 on GetFriended which is the relationship aspect. 2 other aspects are to be able to find new friends when you are new to town and also another aspect which is the ability to exchange services on GetFriended like barter but a barter of “hobbies” more then just services. i.e. I would like somebody to go hiking with and in return I can provide 1 free hour of coaching for example.
    Well written article, thank you Tatiana.

  2. steve wilson says:

    brilliant idea!

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