How to Prepare for an Important Meeting – Part #3

This is Part #3 of  “8 Tips for Making a Great Impression”. Read Part #1, Part #2

How to Mentally Prepare Ahead of Time

Before you enter the room mentally rehearse the event. Visualize how great the story will unfold – see and hear it in your mind. Imagine how great you will feel at this meeting. You are  smiling, being positive, open to others and having a great time. See an excellent outcome in your mind. Then release by visualizing that it has already happened, that the meeting is over with the desired result. This is surprisingly effective and will get you into a great and relaxed mood before even stepping into the first, second or twentieth meeting.

The True Story
Why do so many of us find it difficult to introduce ourselves and start talking to people we have just met? After all, we’ve had a lot of practice as we’ve probably met someone new to us almost every day of our lives.

how to prepare for meeting

We may be held back by a lack of confidence in our own abilities. Some have had some unfortunate encounters in the past which have contributed to their unease with others.

Remember every time you meet someone new, it’s new for both of you. This new person has no knowledge of what you think you failed at in the past.  They are meeting YOU, the you of now, here, this instant.  Whoever you have become up to this moment, is who they see.

Even if you think the meeting is of high importance, you are both their for your own reasons.  If you take the initiative to show interest in them and who they are, you will illicit a sincere desire from them to help you in what you need.

When you are at ease, confident and calm people feel comfortable with you, and they would like to be around you in the future.

Here is another trick to bring confidence into your behavior.
During my dating classes I ask people when they go for a date, take an approach as they are meeting a friend. It takes a lot of pressure off and helps to reduce your nervousness. You can take a similar approach to any meeting and any phone conversation.

When you act as if you are meeting a good friend, naturally you become more relaxed, more open, you start to smile, you become warm and friendly and you loosen up your expectations. It will direct your thoughts outwards instead of inwards. You will be more focused on someone else instead of yourself (how do I look? Did I say it right?) and you will shake off those weird tone and body movements that you will beat yourself up for layer on, like bumbling and mumbling.

Most importantly, you will start to really ENJOY your meetings!  You will feel friendlier, more positively towards this new person, and they in turn will feel more comfortable with you.

to be continued…

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