How To Tell Him You Like Him

flirtingHow to tell him You like Him?

It’s time to get playful. In today’s world women are responsible for careers, fit bodies, family obligations, and social commitments.  It’s all to serious, and we forget to play, to be fanciful in our hearts, to flirt and have some fun.

Flirting is considered taboo for the modern businesswoman.  With all the conditioned ideas that we can’t have a relationship with anyone we work with, for, around, or in passing – we have become serious and too grown up.  The little girl inside that likes boys – is buried.

Most little girls have a wonderful natural flirtation – it’s feminine energy untamed.  And frankly women, we need some!

Start with the eyes!

This is the first and the most effective way to say ‘I like you’.

Let’s pretend that you are at the bar/party/etc. and there he is.  He is talking to his friends but observing the room from time to time, showing that he is ‘looking’.
Position yourself where you can catch his eye naturally and easily or at least get within eye shot of him. You can adjust your head and body, you can find a way to pass him and make an eye- contact.

Give him a few glances. After you catch each others glance, look away, but after a while look at him again, gaze for a moment, then immediately avert your eyes.  If you still like what you see, do this again and then add a smile.

Practice at home – the teasing look, the mock innocent, the mischievous glance, etc. Then practice with men.  (Be picky though, you deserve the best!)


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  1. kaylah says:

    I think I like this one guy in my class well he told me that he likes me first and so I developed feelings for him and so now I think I like him, and other times I don’t. I’m waaaay too shy to confess to him and what would his friends say? Most of the time I ask myself why he’d like me anyway. And so I kinda want him to have an idea that I like him but he shouldn’t be one hundred percent sure. I don’ t know much about guys at all so I’m pretty clueless on what to do. So how do I send those kinda signals? He got extremely upset when someone else wanted to ask me out last week but he doesn’t say or do anything. So help please? How do I give him the idea that I like him and to have the feeling mutual? Lol I’m sooo not gonna stop. So please? Anyone. Its pretty urgent?:) thanks in advance 🙂

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