Law of Attraction: Attract Love Like a Magnet

Law of Attraction: Attract Love Like a Magnet

Love is not difficult to find.  Most likely, it is looking for you! I am sure you have heard about the “law of attraction” or watched movie “The Secret”. They did a great job introducing the concept of attraction, although it’s not a new idea. It was written thousands of years ago in the ancient texts of Egypt and in the Bible. All of the great spiritual masters through history have taught these principles, and even science provides an explanation to how it works.

magnetic attraction

According to the law of attraction every one of us is a walking magnet and our thoughts, words, actions and feelings (“vibrations”) attract to us those people, things and situations that are a match to our vibrations, whether wanted or unwanted. We are literally living, vibrating magnets.

Each of us possesses the internal power to attract what we want and what we don’t want into our life. If we think it, believe it and do it, it becomes real.

As adults, we have learned from a lot of negative experiences. After someone hurt our feelings, cheated on us, lied to us, or rejected us, our hearts began to close. We become suspect of underlying motives of peoples’ behavior.

What our “other brain” knows

Our subconscious mind learns from our negative experiences and creates a guard for our hearts, like bubble wrap, protecting us from further pain. This creates a double edged sword though, because now we are closed to good experiences as well. We cover our hearts adding more and more layers through all our life. It’s safe now, nobody can hurt us.  We now attract distance, safety, even isolation.

If you feel that you stopped attracting what you want – you have to look at what is most important to you. What you value most is what you attract. You may think you want love, when in fact you value “not getting hurt” more than a loved one.  You won’t attract lovers, but you will attract wonderful opportunities to remain isolated from emotional harm.
You need to return to the place inside yourself where you believe good things happen. You have to remember the time when you believed in magic.

Match Attraction

In order to attract your match, you have to be open to all kinds of relationships and new exciting experiences without the imposed agenda of how it’s supposed to be. You have to trust your intuition and sometimes go with a flow. You have to start believing that anything is possible and you can meet your soulmate anywhere, anytime. You have to become a source of love and care that attracts the same feelings.

When you have faith in yourself, you will get more confidence that the right person will appear, the right message will come. When you are a magnet to your good match, you will repel bad matches. (Good news!)

When you make better decisions that are not conditioned by your old belief systems and popular media, and identify your missing pieces, you will stop looking and just be yourself.

Talk and act from the place of authenticity and you enjoy your dating life and in your relationships. You will attract people and situations that support your ideas and your ideology.
Once you’ve mastered yourself and your thinking, you will become a living magnet for ideas and opportunities to meet the “one”. When you have faith, you will think and act as if your goal is already accomplished. When you have faith in yourself, you will have faith in other people.

When you find your charisma, the strength inside of you, what makes you who you are – flexible, intuitive and creative, your attractor factor go through the roof.

Exercise: List five things that you like about yourself


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