Let’s have more fun!

Lets have more funLet’s have more fun!

Besides looking for enjoyable moments in your present experience, you can also create opportunities to experience joyful feelings. When you have fun, you expand your feelings of happiness on physical, emotional and mental levels. Fun keeps your blood pumping and brings zest into your life.

It’s your choice of how to experience life – light hearted, ready to laugh at whatever comes into your life and at yourself, able to forget and forgive. Or you can choose to be burdened with anger and self-pity, wasting your time and energy on something that makes you feel like crap.

Of course we all have moments of misery but once the moment passes, you can come back to your happy course, stop dwelling on the negative bit and begin looking for the positive in any bad situation.

If your car doesn’t start – you are glad that it didn’t break down on the road; if your car stopped on the road, you are glad that it didn’t happen on the bridge and caused a traffic jam – if your car stopped on the bridge – just relax and watch the faces of drivers that are trying to bypass your car – angry or compassionate – where else you will have this opportunity to see the whole line of human emotions?

Life is after all, how you choose to see it.

We all look for more pleasurable moments. We have a need to feel good. People fulfill this need in different ways – better car, bigger house, better service, nicer clothes, more traveling, more power, more TV, or more knowledge. Like children want toys, adults also need bigger and more complicated toys, to have pleasurable experiences, because it feels good.

It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, how much money you have, or where you live, everyone has ability to life a life full of joy and happiness. It’s more natural to be happy than to be miserable. We have a right to have fun. We have a natural desire and need to have joy in our lives.

Choosing happiness is beneficial on a physical level: laughing reduces blood pressure and heart rage and helps you deal with stress, it burns calories and tightens abdominal muscles and produces natural endorphins that make us even more happy.

All the big mistakes and horrible things occurred in the world’s history are made by serious people. Don’t repress the sparkle inside

Exercise: Decide how you are going to bring more fun, what resonates with you? Having more laughs with your friends? Watching funny movies? Spending more time with your kids? With your dog? Make your own list.
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