Living in the moment means enjoying it!

Living in the moment means enjoying itLiving in the moment means enjoying it!

I am sure you’ve read some books or watched Oprah’s show with Eckhart Tolle on the importance of the moment. I didn’t have a chance to watch the whole series, but I’ve got the point – there is no past, there is no future, only this present, and this is our Life!

So, before we miss our whole life we have to start living and enjoying every moment of it.  Starting NOW.

I decided it’s time to start living in present. And I tried and tried and tried. Many times I tried to stop doing whatever I was doing and relax and feel that moment. It didn’t work! I didn’t feel anything!

I found another way to live that moment. Here is my secret: I started to look for a fun part in whatever I was doing!

•    Brushing your teeth – giggle to the mirror;
•    Having a bath – add some bubbles or a duck toy;
•    Dating someone – find something to laugh about together;
•    Cleaning the house – put your favourite music on and turn it to 10;
•    Driving to work – put a funny story into you CD player.

Everyone can find their own way of bringing fun into their lives. When you enjoy doing something, you are focused on this moment. You don’t think about work problems or an angry driver, you live in the present.

You can stretch yourself and do what you always wanted to do. You can do something unusual, that might surprise people, but this will take you out from your routine and add spice and excitement to your life.

•    If you don’t like the place where you live, move to a place where you always wanted to – the beach, city centre, bigger apartment, place where dogs are allowed
•    If you want to start your favourite hobby, move your bed to the living room and convert your bedroom into your craft room or a musical studio (this might be easy to do when you live alone but it’s still negotiable if you have a partner)
•    If you need more time in the day, cancel your TV cable and get a load of free time (and enjoy a stunned look when you tell them that you just don’t need it)
•    If you need a vacation, go to Disneyland (you always wanted to do this, right?)
•    If your body needs exercise, take salsa lessons
•    If you want to be more confident in dating, flirt with the opposite sex, anywhere and anytime
•    If you need to refresh your feelings and get your energy flowing – date younger partners for a while – that might help stop regretting missed opportunities, and the sex is awesome!

You shouldn’t put on hold your life and your happiness until a later date. Why to wait to have a moment of happiness if you can have it now and spend the whole life having fun?

Exercise: List 5 ideas that would bring more excitement and zest into your life:
•    _______________________________________________________
•    _______________________________________________________
•    _______________________________________________________
•    _______________________________________________________
•    _______________________________________________________
•    _______________________________________________________

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