Meeting New People – Part #5

This is Part #5 of “8 Tips for Making a Great Impression”.
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Put smile on your face
So there’s nothing like a smile to create a good first impression. We usually don’t give much thought to smiles but people who smile are instantly considered friendly and approachable. Smile, and you will get a positive reaction. People would perceive you as open, easy to be with and able to listen individual.

smile makes great first impression
A warm and confident smile will put both you and the other person at ease. It can even help you to hide incompetence and uncertainty. If you are stressed or are trying to deal with some inner crisis, a smile creates an instant change in our attitude.

Smile even when you talk on the phone. People sense it. You can calm down even an upset client when you smile talking to them on the phone.

Make eye contact
Either talking or listening, have eye contact with a person. But try not to stare, slowly break eye-contact from time to time.

Keep your body language open
Uncross everything. Turn towards the people you’re talking to. Your posture should reveal that you have positive attitude towards life, that you are confident and in control of your life. Sometimes it’s hard to maintain the positive attitude if you are nervous or in case of criticism. Learn to face it with dignity and calmness. Try to maintain an upbeat manner and a smile. It will be easier in time if you analyze and learn from your meetings.

Another trick is to match the mood of person you are talking to, at least in the beginning of a conversation. Then – when you both developed an emotional connection you can change a direction to more positive channel.

to be continued…

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