After A Break Up

Congratulations on your Break Up – You’ve got your own Life back!

There is nothing better than a break up or a divorce to force you to reassess your life, learn who you are without your ex, find a new career, a new place to live, get creative, clear your mind and develop your future goals. We’ll explore your life & relationship issues so you can create a successful life strategy. You will learn how to create a more fulfilled life, find out what’s may be holding you back, enjoy happiness in your “singleness,” and if you like, develop a new and improved relationship.

Break up Recovery

You will learn how to heal the wounds; how to get over an affair, and find life beyond revenge. You will find out why you are attracting the wrong people and how to deal with childhood issues. Discover your relationship patterns and learn how to avoid the same mistakes that people make in remarriage.

Who are you without your Ex?

It’s time to direct your focus inside and find out who you are towards yourself. We will work on defining your core values, identifying your strengths and weaknesses as a partner, and how to improve your odds at successful relationships. The focus of the meeting is on you: who you are, what you want in life, who is your perfect partner and how to meet him or her. We will take a big picture of your life and find out your goals and the ways to reach them.

Being happy being single

Learn the art of being single. Work on written exercises for self-understanding and becoming more authentic, look at the positive sides of your single status and use your time wisely to find yourself – before Mr. or Ms. Right turns up.

Dating after Divorce

We will work on your confidence in dating process and develop a dating plan for you. You will learn how and where to meet other like-minded singles of your age; what to talk about on your date; what to wear and do on a first date, and how to find time for dating and relationships.