‘Finding the one’ business plan: The Vision

Creating a successful lasting love is similar to creating a successful sustainable business. Here you will define your overall vision for life and relationship and develop marketing strategy to meet a good match for you.

‘Finding the one’ business plan: Market Research

Clarify your assets and uncover you liabilities, then discover how to use them for your advantage. Learn how to outline a description of your ideal match. Uncover what holds you back from having relationship, what are your love patterns, and how to bring out your uniqueness and attractiveness.

‘Finding the one’ business plan: Operations

Learn how to take control of your dating process; how to date smart and stop wasting your time meeting wrong people, find life/work balance, and where to find emotional support. Fill your life in wonderful ways while Mr. or Mrs. Right is getting ready to meet you.

‘Finding the one’ business plan: Networking

We will talk about ‘love networking’ – where to meet, what to talk about, how to recognize and give signals of interest. We will define what skills might be improved or acquired to make your networking more successful – communication, flirting, confidence.