Healthy Relationships

How to improve your present relationship

Tap into the languages of love, ask for what you want; and develop patience and gratitude. Discover the 10 mistakes to avoid in new relationships. Identify relationship patterns; where you stop and your partner starts. Find ways to regain your sense of personal self if you feel you lost the real ‘you’ somewhere along the way.

Healing your past

Learn how to feel good about yourself on a regular basis; how to take back control of your life and how to let go of the past. Reveal to yourself if you are ready for a new relationship, what are your relationship patterns, and how to avoid making the same mistakes again.

Love is an action word

Love is not what one day ‘happens’ to us. Only when we love – our life and ourselves – can we feel we are loved by others. In this workshop you will find out if you are ready for new relationships and why you should stop dating and start attracting. You will learn how to ask for what you want using new skills in communicating with others. We will define what inner and outer changes can be made to start radiating loving vibes and start attracting things and people with matching loving energy.