Meet Your SoulMate

Find Yourself

Learning about yourself is the first step to identifying who might be your ideal match. Knowing your core values, strengths, weaknesses, and your unique personal traits helps you to gain confidence. You become focused and practice self-forgiveness. Almost overnight it seems you become a good conversationalist, enjoy a strong self of self, and can adapt to others without judgment and criticism. During this session we will clarify your vision, work on your personal needs and values, and help you identify your true self. You will discover what you want to change and design a plan to help you do it.

Big picture of your life

We examine where you are right now, what your goals in life are and how to achieve them. You learn and develop your own “Life goals declaration”. Define what it means to be successful for you in every major area of your life. Construct a path made of small steps that will help you to get where you want to be without being overwhelmed. Together we will focus on your strengths and uncover your limitations to help move you forward. After this workshop you will have a solid plan for your life, career, relationship and whatever is important for you.

Make Vision board

A Vision board is simple yet powerful tool to help you to convert your dreams into reality. It’s a visual representation or collage of the things that you want to have, be or do in life. It creates feelings and energy that will help you to manifest the life and relationship you want. All supplies are provided. Expect not only a good time, but a subliminal breakthrough!

Future Self Visualization

Moving to the future to find your true–self can be a very powerful tool to find your unique path in life. During this Future Self inner journey you will get into a relaxed, creative frame of mind, where there is no judgment. It’s not a prediction for the future, but another step on your path to fulfillment. Learn how to practice the visualization daily or weekly on your own. Build your dreams into your consciousness until they begin to manifest in your world.

Find the One / Who is your ideal match?

This session helps you define the qualities of your desirable partner and how to attract the right person for you. We will work on your compatibility, what is negotiable and non-negotiable, and your relationship patterns. You will learn how to recognize soul mate material, what defines second best for you, if you should “settle,” and how to ensure you are in the right relationship to avoid wasting their time or yours. You will create and “Ideal Match Script” which will be your guide in dating process and will help you to make right choices.

Stop Dating and Start Attracting

Have you had enough online shopping, blind dates that needed bifocals, and bar flirts with vodka twists? STOP the search and become your best self! This meeting will re-focus your thoughts about finding that special someone into you being that someone you can’t live without! The exercises direct your attention inward and will revolutionize your ideas about who you “need” in your life.

Your Attractor Factor

What is attraction and how to become more attractive match? Attraction starts from within. We will work on finding your uniqueness and will bring it to life. What others like about you? What are the qualities you are bringing to the table? Once you define them, you begin to connect with perfectly matching energies that lead to a right partner.