A child’s job is to play and they do it full time. This is how they learn about life. Playfulness helps to develop imagination and expand abstract thinking.

It works for adults too. The “life-is-a-playground” approach teaches us how to think outside the box and find creative solutions. It develops confidence and brings great people into our lives. People like to be around light-hearted outgoing individuals with a good sense of humor.


Seeing life as a game brings light into a daily routine. It’s not about getting the most toys than others within a lifetime, but about having fun with what you have at this moment.  It’s not about achievements and infinitely more than our possessions.

We all have some playfulness inside, although some people show it more than others. If you want to be young at heart (and also look younger) re-capture your playful attitude.

Childlike and Childish

Some people mix ‘having a childlike attitude’ with ‘being childish’ which fosters negativity. Someone can call your behavior childish, immature, even foolish. But being playful is not about acting like a child, but connecting with the qualities that children bring into their life as they grow –

“curiosity, imagination, joy, sense of adventure, energy, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, courage, expressiveness, energy, generosity, honesty, good-nature, open mind, optimism, outgoing attitude, playfulness, spontaneity, trust, non-judgment, sparkly, worry free, amusement, moment focus, and in general bringing fun into learning about things and into daily life.”

Kids don’t take life seriously but they look the most alive.

Remember that “playing” and “being playful” are two completely different concepts. Paradoxically sometimes kids stop being playful even in the process of playing. Playing can be educational helping kids to understand the world, explore their surroundings, learn how life works, and how to relate to others.  Unfortunately many children are being taught to dismiss playing in lieu of technology and often become adults way too early.

As we mature we lose our natural ability to think and act in a playful manner. We learn how to be ‘cool’. And we continue playing ‘cool’ in our adulthood; we shut down our playfulness in order to please or impress others.

“Can a professional hockey game still be called a ‘game’? With all the politics and amount of money involved, we can’t really say that people on ice are actually ‘playing’ ! “

Spice Your Life with Playfulness

To start bringing playfulness into our daily environment you might take a different perspective. You can find something humorous in almost any situation, and entertain yourself. Try not to think of how foolish you might be looking. Remember that the fear of embarrassment stopped you of getting into a lot of exciting experiences. This is your life and you deserve to enjoy it.

“Humanity advanced not because it has been sober, responsible and cautions, but because it has been playful, rebellious and immature”. Tom Robbins.

Playfulness can Benefit your Business and Personal Life

When you are focused on the activity that brings you an enjoyable experience, like a belly laugh or exquisite pleasure, it brings you to positive emotions and connects you with your spiritual self.  Those very feelings can be essential to problem solving and aiding you in seeing other perspectives to serious problems.

Belly laughs have been known to break the ice, break a zipper, scare depression, lift spirits, rally others, disturb atrophy, satisfy a conflict, re-direct hostility, burn calories, give you flat abs and handsome six packs, and change the outcome of a meeting.

Playful people like to surprise people and be surprised – they are open to spontaneity and can be flexible in the face of a challenge or change.

Playfulness and Sex: Playfulness is not Playing Games

You can bring playfulness into your dating and approaching the opposite sex. Playfulness is a source of being flirtatious. Flirt not to seduce but to engage in open, joyful and authentic adult play.

Juice up every moment of your life, relationships, work, dating, with a generous dose of playfulness.

Exercise: Write down one thing you want to change that would bring more playfulness in your life.

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