Are You Ready for Love?

Once we wade through the mess of a break-up and get back on our feet, the idea of finding love again usually runs through our mind.  For some, it takes months of feeling ready and changing your mind, or feeling ready and running away, and perhaps feeling ready but doing nothing about it. I’ll bet one thing for sure: most of us know what we don’t want or who we want to avoid this time around!

Break-ups can be very useful though – they can provide an opportunity to mature and to help you realize what you might have contributed, good and bad, to your past relationships.  It is rarely ever “all my fault,”  or the fault of your “ex” entirely, it was a collaboration of two people. Once you know that, you find yourself becoming ready for love again.

How do you know if you are ready?

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To your wildly successful love life,


PS Be sure to watch the video: “Open Your Heart to Love” just released and find out how children lead the way.

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