Relationship Coach on Happiness

As a relationship coach my first goal is to get a client into a state of “unconditional happiness”, which is the  foundation of developing great relationships.

Children don’t need a lot of things to be happy.

And you don’t need to spend fortune on your toys.

When you enjoy whatever comes into your life, you won’t need much to laugh about. Financial success has little to do with happiness. Happiness comes from a state of being.


Happiness Connects

A happy state of being helps us connect with other people, it’s an international language of friendship.  When you are in a happy mood, you communicate easier, you are more confident in asking for what you want, you gain trust more easily. You more likable. Having a positive outlook helps you with life’s challenges.

Greed Collects

At some point our lives we start wanting more than we need – a newer car, a bigger house or more clothes. And then we have to work harder afford all this. As a result we have more of work and less fun.

We then feed on the unhappiness that surrounds us. Listen to CNN news. Hear the tone of voice they use to announce and then repeat again, the bad news.  They repeat those headlines until we are  pumped up with anxiety and stress.  And it’s 24 hours a day!

“Happy” Is a Choice

We live in a better world now – we are able to choose to enjoy our work, we don’t marry for social status and we are able to travel the world. We have choice to be, or to not be happy. We have unlimited opportunities to do, see, and experience our lives.

How can you enjoy happiness? Start small. It will be easier and more natural for you. You may have to force yourself first. Start by smiling.

There is a mediation practiced in Indonesia that uses a smile.  You sit still and put a smile on every body part, every organ, and finally your face.  You are a smile at life – right down to your liver.

Here are some other ideas:

•    Subscribe to a daily joke online, funny pictures, or read cartoons if they help you lighten up.
•    write down a few of them and attach them to your computer to something that you will see when you get up in the morning – coffee maker, or your washroom mirror or door
•     print a smiling face and attach it to the ceiling, so this is going to be the first emotion you will start a day with and the last one before you go to sleep
•    Listen to your favourite music whenever you do your chores – cleaning the house of washing the dishes. I know a person who turns on a very energetic music whenever she works at the computer.

Exercise: Write down your own ideas that would help you to bring fun into your life and try them all.

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