Sex Up Your Personal Style Statement

Sex Up Your Personal Style Statement

When:  Thu, Sep 30th
7pm – 10pm

Where: Serai Social Club
1660 Cypress Street
Vancouver, BC V6J 5J1

In a busy room of successful professionals and good looking singles, how are you standing out from the crowd? Your image could be potentially sabotaging your opportunities even if you’re saying all the right things.

Do you know what your clothes are saying about you? Maybe you think you’re portraying “Confident, cool & smart” but everyone else is thinking, “Boring, stiff and geeky”.

On Sep 30th we will have a chance to learn how to use colour, style and cutting of clothing to create our own personal style statement. Then the next time you walk into a room, all eyes will be on you!

Our sponsor of the meetup event and our guest is Joyce Lau, the Style Sergeant of Fashionista Bootcamp.

Joyce believes that having a stand-out image is a key to personal success in business and in social settings. Fashionista Bootcamp is an exciting program that’s fun, social and kicks your old closet in the butt! She knows the anxiety you feel every time you open your closet & how you secretly long to get on What Not to Wear. Here’s your chance.

Started her business as an expert in personal branding offering individual consultations to CEOs, business owners and professionals, she expanded her business to become the first in Canada to offer style workshops and group shopping to the everyday woman. Her work has been recognized in the North Shore News, Vancouver Sun, AM1130 and most recently with a makeover for Thor Diakow on CTV Breakfast Television.

As a door prize Joyce is offering a gift certificate to a Total Fashion Workout valued at $249.

Meeting schedule:

7pm – 7.30pm Socializing, food, drinks
7.30pm – 8pm
Interactive presentation on fashion, style and latest trends
8pm – 10pm
Socializing, networking

Bring your business cards (if you have one), make friends and mingle. Meet other sophisticated, intelligent like-minded businesspersons who are single and open to new meetings. It’s a fairly quiet atmosphere, which is good for chatting.

See you there,


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