Social Events with Vancouver Single Professionals

Hey, People-Who-mix-Business-and-Pleasure!

After our first Social at Serai, I talked to some people and we collectively agreed that we like Serai as a place for our social gatherings. It seems it’s an appropriate place for our group meetups.

Social Events with Vancouver Single Professionals

So, starting in September, we are going to have regular meetings at that friendly social club. Every last THURSDAY of each month is reserved for Vancouver Single Professionals!

Of course, we will have other occasional meetings (wine tours, picnics, art gallery tours, etc.), but I would like to spend more time in making our social gatherings more productive and valuable to everyone.

As part of this plan, I am going to invite different guests speakers to our meetings, who would give us some tips and insights in different areas: dating, communication, positive change…. and of course, business development.

Watch the video from our Social & Business Networking
event at Petley Jones Art Gallery, Vancouver

For our September event, I invited an image consultant, who would give us a short presentation on image, style and latest trends.  So, we will kill 3 birds – business-pleasure-learning.

* Please, let me know if you could recommend any expert who could bring valuable information or training to our group. Plus I will continue to get discounts and door prizes from our sponsors.  If you would like to sponsor any of our events, let me know.

The social meetings will remain FREE of charge for members of Vancouver Single Professionals.

See you soon!


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