Stop Looking for a Perfect Partner

Stop Looking for a Perfect Partner

Are You Looking for that Perfect Partner? Do You Suffer from PPFS?

Why do we look for a partner? Are we hoping to bring more happiness and fulfillment into our lives, or to feel whole? A perfect partner would fill the bill, right?

There are may other ways to achieve this goal. Your search needn’t be focused on finding your match or soul mate. Rather, enjoy the discovery of what would make your life fulfilled.

Meeting the One might part of your growth, but you can be happily married or happily single.

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What is PPFS?

PPFS = Perfect Partner Frustration Symptom. Why is it so frustrating – because as long as they are your partner they cannot be perfect. As living beings we are constantly changing, constantly in flux. What made you happy a year ago may not be the ticket for you today. Only 6 months ago you may have wanted a gym membership for Christmas, and today you may not want to set foot inside the stinky walls.

To find a perfect partner, you have to stop to looking for a perfect catch and focus on the and the best life you can create for yourself. When you begin to feel the inner joy of self satisfaction and realization you will begin to radiate with happy energy and spread the vibes of loving positive attitude in every direction. If someone with the right vidos is anywhere near you – she or he will be attracted to you like a moth to the night light on your front porch.

“You don’t have to spend years waiting for a perfect person. YOU are the perfect person.”

Its A Magnetic Effect

Like attracts like, this is why it’s very important to find out what is great and unique about you, what a fantastic individual you are so you can attract the person like yourself.

When you come to the state of being who you truly are, you are open to what’s possible. You begin to notice new opportunities you start attracting something or someone you desire.

Unless you can be honest, forthright, and totally yourself in a relationship, it is best not to be in one. Stop compromising you best gift! Bring the real you to the table. You have nothing to lose, because you will feel happiness either way.

Same Place, Same Job, Same Routine?

How long have you been single? If you find yourself doing the same thing for the number of years, doing the same unsatisfying job, living in the same small apartment, this might be the reason that your love life is the same as well. Sometimes we feel that not much is happening in our lives, because we avoid dealing with what the underlying causes that create the effect.

Excersise: Phone a good friend this weekend and ask a favour. Invite them to tell you, without fear of your reaction, the things they find unique and authentic about you. What do you radiate? What energy best describes you? How do you make people feel when they are around you?

Then call me. Let’s have a complimentary intro session and let me show you how to take what you learned and help you find the best parts of yourself.

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