Last Minute Valentine Gifts

last minute valentine gift ideasLast Minute Valentine Gifts

If a Valentine Day always takes you by surprise, and tomorrow is Feb 14th, don’t panic, you can still pick up a perfect Valentine’s gift.

Don’t spend hours searching! I have 15 great picks sure to bring a valentines smile to anyone’s face.

Wherever you are –there is a store near you with a solution.  I have listed them in Alphabetical order.

1.    BLOCKBUSTER/ROGERS VIDEO has a selection of his or her favourite TV series.

2.    CHAPTERS or AMAZON.COM: Look in the  books on love and relationships, or love poems.
They also have big selection of interesting gifts.

3.    HEALTH STORE or ESSENTS or SAGE: Pick up some Essential Oils and an oil burner. Rose or Jasmine is lovely, and they have some blends to stir up sensuous arousal.

4.    HOME DEPOT has a section, far from the cashier, where you can buy an orchid or another living flower in a pot, wrapped and ready to present for Valentine’s Day.

5.    GROCERY STORES usually sell flowers as well.  Or buy the groceries, cook a dinner, light some candles, open the champagne – very romantic!

6.    LIQUOR STORE. Good wine or champagne to celebrate this special day.  (Better to bring a nice bottle of wine than a cheap champagne).

7.    LONDON DRUGS/SHOPPERS DRUG MART has selection of chocolates and candies.
–    Or go to the cosmetic counter and  buy a gift card for brand cosmetics.  If you have a good picture of you both, you can order them online and they will print photos for you.  Regular photos take only a couple of hours to complete. They send you e-mail saying that your order is ready to pick up. Order them here. You can get a romantic card there too.

8.    MICHAELS CRAFT STORE. She might appreciate artificial silk flowers. They are brighter, bigger and will last forever. Try they have huge selection of them.  But take note, women who love fresh flowers tend to shy away from the artificial.  If she loves to paint or craft some supplies in a lovely gift bag, (which you can buy there too!) will delight her senses. Check Michaels store website for locations.

9.    PURDY’S CHOCOLATE SHOP /DEATH BY CHOCOLATE – of course chocolate or her favourite candy.

10.    SAFEWAY has huge selection of different gift cards for various stores or gift certificates. Or buy bouquet of flowers or a bouquet of helium balloons. The flowers don’t have to be expensive. According to SmartMoney article “Valentine’s Day War of the Roses,” by Kelli B. Grant, you can also buy shorter-stemmed roses, roses of different colors or other flowers. If she really likes long stem roses, buy a single, long-stemmed rose, it’s a still romantic.

11.    If you want to really surprise her with comfort, send her to SPA UTOPIA for a massage or pedicure or pedicure and manicure combination.  She will enjoy a steam bath and free food to nibble on and wine to sip while she is pampered and made to feel like a queen.  They have cards or you can call ahead if you are short on time and they will keep record until she comes in with the order as PAID.

12.    TOYS’Я’ US.
A board game, if he likes them.


14.    If you at home and you have COMPUTER with internet connection, you can buy gifts right away if they are in a digital format. You can download Apple iTunes music immediately to your e-mail.

15.    You can make your own GIFT CERTIFICATE – for massage, grocery shopping, homemade dinner, etc. Anything what he or she was bugging you about for a long time but you never had it done. Make them happy!

You are a lucky one – you have someone you care about.  Don’t let the day get away without showing it!