Send a Card to Say Thanks for a Wonderful Date

Thank you cardSay “Thank You for a Wonderful Date” with a Postcard

Business people know this secret.

Realtors practice this secret.

Smart dress shops and jewelry stores use this secret.

In fact, by using this secret in your dating life you will stand out from the crowd.

After your first date, find a lovely card – a paper one, and use the old-fashioned snail mail, and send it to your new friend.  Tell them how wonderful it was and how you anticipate seeing them again.  Keep it short and sweet.  Don’t close with Love, George, but do be warm and friendly.

If you really want to knock her off her feet, don’t send the card after the date, send it before the next one.  Tell her if this second (or fifth etc…) is anything like the first, you can’t wait for Saturday night to arrive.

Who wouldn’t get a lift in their day if they were reminded that a new dating partner is thinking of them, and enough of them to go to the trouble of choosing and sending a card.

E- Card versus Good Old Snail Mail

Everyone sends e-cards today and they don’t take much effort.  Like the restaurant that goes out of their way to provide above average service, be the date that goes the extra mile.

So how do you get their mailing address?  You can look them up on the internet, or the phone book, and if all else fails, tell them you would like to send them something and come right out and ask for it.  If you find you do need to ask, I would wait until after a few dates so that you don’t scare them away with the threat of a “stalker.”

What Kind of Card to Buy

You can always buy a funny card that mentions something you two laughed about when you were together.  Or if she loves cats, a cat card: if he digs trucks, a truck card.  Just don’t buy an overly romantic card full of deep thoughts and overdone sentiment, at least not at the beginning.

It will be kind and thoughtful enough that you sent the card in the first place.  One key point to CHARISMA – you don’t beg for attention.  You just attract it.

What Other Reasons Could You Use to Send a Card?

Maybe you are not comfortable right off the bat to send a greeting card.  No problem, wait for as long as you need to, but when you are ready here are some touch points you could use:

1.    Congrats!  On their job performance, their grade, a family accomplishment, the birth of their puppy.

2.    Thanks!  For the dinner, the meal you cooked, the smile you bring to my face, the way I feel when I think of you, etc…

3.    Let’s Go –   Suggest in a card different kinds of dates you are thinking of and ask them to return the postage paid envelope with their top picks, and any additional items they would like to suggest.

Since the days of the great poets writers have wooed their lovers with words that stirred and ignited the souls and passions of the other.  You could start with, “Thanks for being wonderful you.  Don’t change!”

Here is one place I tried to order the card for my Valentine: I like the design of the cards, they are a bit feminine, but perfect if you send it to a woman. They ship to internationally. Cost about $4 including shipping.