Toastmasters: Your Voice Can Get You Dates!

Your voice can get you datesToastmasters: Your Voice Can Get You Dates!

In the bookstore reading random pages from the business books section you take moment to rest your eyes and give your neck a stretch when you see him. Now there is a man whom you would like to meet.  Too bad the dramatic drop of a hankie is passé these days, for now is certainly the moment when you need a diversion, some excuse to start a conversation.

Even then, if you had his full attention, could you get your mouth to form the words?

Many men, educated and professional men, complain that their words are muttered in mumbles to themselves instead of with confidence and a calm assurance to the lovely woman of their attention.

Dates Need Conversation

It’ not just the first introduction that can make you sweat, many first dates are torment in action for those singles who have trouble speaking with people they don’t know very well.
The only way to conquer your sudden mute state is PRACTICE. There are a lot of places where you can practice your communication and public speaking skills. From taking drama courses at your nearest community centre to making a psychotherapist listen to your childhood issues every Friday afternoon. While some ways are theatrical and others quite costly, there is an alternative I recommend for your consideration: Toastmasters.

Attending a Toastmasters club , literally, changed my own world. As an only child and extreme introvert, I spend my childhood reading while my friends got together to play, and later on, to party. While they wore out their trendy new shoes, I was at the library keep the evening librarian company.

Never would I have imagined that I would facilitate workshops, give presentations to groups of people, write blogs, and of course have all these interesting, confident conversations with my dates. Did I mention I did all of this in a language I learned in my thirties?


Here is the beauty of Toastmasters: If you visit a few groups you will soon find 3 key treasures at Toastmasters:

1.    The environment is supportive, usually fun loving, and non-judgmental.  Every person is or was in your shoes and knows exactly how you feel about public speaking.

2.    The exercises help you develop confidence whether you are speaking to one or 100 people

3.    You are not forced to speak, but it doesn’t take long before you have a desire to talk.  Watching other people conquer their fears is inspiring.

It’s easy to join but before you do, you can attend any Toastmasters club 2-3 times for free (don’t worry, you don’t have to speak!)  One of my favorite clubs is VETC toastmasters club (Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club). I like their attitude, and business owners tend to challenge themselves to excel.

You must be an entrepreneur and have a business or intent to have a business, or be in a support industry to be accepted as a regular member at VETC.

Toastmasters are also a certain place to meet some great people! The VETC people have a great sense of humour and energy at each meeting. They have a lot of fun and you can enjoy it too, if you are willing to learn to TALK.

Networking is available afterwards and might be very valuable to your business, or your love life.

Beside your personal dating confidence, you will find yourself more assured at work. People who know how to ask for what they want usually get it.  Toastmasters get’s my vote: Give yourself a chance to speak your heart and your mind.

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