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Love finds you with relationship coaching

Love finds you

“Tatiana knows the right questions to ask to help you figure out what it is that you truly want.
“– Njeri Watkins (Arts & Entertainment Consultant)


“I found Tatiana to be a very personable and compassionate individual and easy to talk to even though I had never met her before.  She made me feel very comfortable which is not easy sometimes when you are talking about personal issues with a complete stranger.  I met her when I was frustrated with what was happening in my life and she was able to give me the encouragement, support and tools I needed to move forward.   I have more strength and a clearer picture of what I want now and I am very appreciative of how Tatiana has helped me accomplish that.  I would not hesitate in recommending Tatiana to anyone who needs a life/relationship coach. ”  — M.


“The experience of having a life coach was new and rewarding. The weekly sessions motivated me to take action and meet deadlines. Tatiana encouraged me to take initiative especially in areas of procrastination. Her approach was gentle yet assertive, understanding and compassionate. Having a life coach helps to keep you on your path to success. And Tatiana has sent me in the right direction.”  — Nancy K.


“What I find amazing about Tatiana is how well she listens.  She is in no rush to force an answer on you, but somehow allows you to discover your own truth.  A great guide to your inner resources.” — H.T. (Small Business Consultant)


This is my testimonial for the excellent services, of Tatiana Antropova: “I am a Christian lady who was recently thrust into the dating scene again, in the past three years. My children are now grown, and I have more time for myself. I decided to look into the dating class, that the Kitsilano Community Centre was running for someone, just like me. I was fortunate that the Lord lead me to personal coach, Tatiana Antropova, to refresh my interpersonal skills. I learned that I needed to brush up on cues, and opportunities, of people who wanted to interact with me. I had not dated for some time, and needed to be more aware of where I was going and what I was doing.

There were several other people there, of all different ages, and both men and women chose to come. They were there for the same reason; to learn about themselves, and how they were perceived by others. We introduced ourselves, and explained what we expected to learn from this interesting, interactive dating class.

We had many interesting projects to do during class, as well as some study time at home. Some of the projects included: an in depth character study of ourselves, followed by small group discussions, charts, quizzes, and another full group study. As well, we were making a story board, of how we wanted our life to be, from this point on. My story board showed me that I was on the correct path, in life, and was a balanced, happy person, looking to move forward in life and enjoy all it has to offer.

There was lots of interaction, and friendly people, so this turned into a social scene after classes, for coffee, to discuss what we had learned that evening. All of this was accomplished in six weeks.

Tatiana is an excellent personal coach and motivator, who really cares about me. She helped me to clarify, and set new goals, with regards to relationships, and to create a balance in life. This class was very informative, useful, and uplifting. If you wish to create a balance in your personal, professional and spiritual life, and make time for dating, then this is the class for you. I learned a lot about myself and I am a more confident, positive person, who is looking forward to getting married, once again. Step out of your comfort zone, and step up to real life.

Thank you Tatiana, for the opportunity to write this testimonial to you, about your great service.”

Sincerely — Heather C.


I attended Tatiana’s Dating class during fall 2009. She coached me in several areas such as clearing your mind from past relationship experiences, having a vision of what you like or not and how to get it. Tatiana provided a structured method regarding how to date and what to seek or avoid when pursuing a partner.

I found Tatiana’s check list idea as the best foundation which can help both partners to decide whether they like to pursue the relationship or not. The checklist is simply is a list of what you want your partner to have and what your partner must not have. During that period, I met a gorgeous girl. During the first date we agreed to write a checklist and exchange it at the second date. The checklist idea made both of us motivated for the second date and more dates to come.

First, it is good to have a checklist.

Second, make sure you and your partner both understand the checklist items and be specific on what you want or don’t want.

Third, relationship is matter of efforts not luck so if one party stop putting the effort then consider the relationship doomed to fail.

Fourth, the most boring person that you can live with is you yourself so find a good partner and be open to each others differences.

Fifth, get a Prenup in case your finances are way different. We carry a spare tire in our car’s trunk although the chance of having a flat tire is way less than the chance of failing marriages.

Sixth, at any time find out what should motivate both of you to be with each-other two years down the road?

Seven, try Tatiana’s coaching class she is good and inspiring.


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