What is Wrong with Our New Year’s Resolution?

New years resolutionWhat is wrong with our New Year’s Resolution?

Dreaming and thinking about our goals, and especially writing them down is always good thing to do. It moves us forward. It’s a FIRST step towards achieving those goals.

But unfortunately, very often this first step turns out to be the last one. Why?

Look at the top goals of your list. Are those goals the most important to you, and the most desirable ones? If so, are they also the most delayed ones?

Time is not on our side, because, the stronger the desire for change, the stronger the resistance and procrastination to achieve them. And often we set unrealistic expectations for ourselves.

We fail if we don’t make other changes first, like improving our skills in achieving goals, overcoming procrastination and time management. These might be the patterns that hold us back.

Breaking down the list of BIG GOALS into small achievable steps will help you to achieve those goals. As a result you won`t be overwhelmed with a “big task” but you will organize your thoughts and simplify your life. This works even if you set your goals beyond one year.

Below is a sample of a Life Goals Declaration. Write your future goals in the present tense as if you already achieved them. It’s very important to have and accomplishment date set for holding yourself accountable.

You are welcome to share your own tips and ideas below in the comments area.

New years resolution

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