What Makes A Man Attractive to A Woman?

Attractive ManWhat Makes A Man Attractive to A Woman?

Some men are attraction magnets and women are naturally drawn to them, where others find it takes more of an effort.  Don’t be fooled!  Attraction is not about being “physically attractive.” Often the female magnets are not tall, dark and handsome.  It’s not limited to looks – charisma comes from within.  Any man can increase his ability to be attractive to women. What makes a man attractive?

Moth to a Light bulb

Roger is an old friend who wasn’t attractive at all.  He had squint and his face skin was rough because an accident in childhood. He had no money and dressed poorly. What were his chances of successful dating?

I watched with amazement at the way women gathered around him like a moth around the light. I began asking myself at the time, “what is the magnetic factor, what makes Roger so appealing”? Since then, I have met more men like Roger, who naturally attract women and I began looking for similarities.

The Charisma Essentials

  • First of all, these men are very confident charismatic people. They have light vivid personalities whofeel” every day and experience each minute of their lives.
  • They are great communicators and talkers. They know the right words that need to be said at the right time, and they know the right moment. They are not afraid to tell the truth and usually have good sense of humour.
  • Every time they fall in love – it’s with sincerity and meant to last forever. Those feelings could last only just a few months, or even days, but they are always honest and express their true feelings at the moment.
  • They love women, they enjoy being around them. They know how to court and they do this with a confidence and enjoyment.
  • They anticipate what makes a woman happy. They behave at this moment like nobody else exists but her!
  • They can adapt their love language to communicate to their woman, and these men don’t feel inhibited to tell her ‘I love you.’ To these guys, she is the One, and she is the most loved and desirable person, and it shows!
  • When he is together with a woman, he gives her an impression that she is the first woman in his life and she is only one. And despite of all life’s experiences and absurdities, she believes him.  Why?  Because, it feels so good to feel so cherished.
  • They are gentlemen. They never tell even those close friends about their triumphs with ladies.
  • They are generous with compliments as well as gifts.
  • These guys are there when you need them and help to find the best solution to the problem that suits everyone.

Can This Behaviour Be Learned?

Can you learn all this? Absolutely! I have worked with men had some difficulties with women although they were smart, attractive, kind and generous. Women are looking at the whole package.  Work with what you have, until you master “Charisma”.

A little more confidence, a few more subtle complements, more attentive listening, intent charming gaze – all this will distinguish you from the crowd and help you to attract desirable women to you.

It will take some effort and practice but it’s worth it!

Some practical steps you can take >>>


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