When it’s Time to Start Dating Again

When it’s time to start dating again

You are happily single, successful in your career; your life is full of excitement, meetings and journeys. Sometimes you may feel a little lonely and you would like someone to talk to about your future plans or sharing your aha-moments. For the most part, life is good but it would be great to have a little romance in your life, and twice a year sex just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Maybe you have something in common with Sarah. She got divorced after 15 years of a stable (or so she thought) family life. Here she is, back in a dating scene.

Or, how about my friend Jennifer? She is a 48 year old single mom who devoted all her time and energy to raise her children. Now, they are grown and she’s got some time for herself. Finally she can bring someone else into her life, who won’t need to be called a step-father, and skip all kinds of uncomfortable ramifications.

These gals, and plenty more singles like you, started thinking about the possibility of bringing some masculine energy into the house. Of course, it means sacrificing some of your established daily routine and trying to live with someone else’s bad habits.

Let’s not go crazy here! There is some work to do.

Just because you feel a little “frisky,” doesn’t mean you are ready for a date. A date means:

  • Going places to meet men. Where to go to meet new people?
  • Maybe using an online service and writing a profile. How do you create an online profile that will help you to stand out and blitz out the best competition?
  • Dressing like you mean to date. What to wear and what to talk about on a first date?
  • Maybe using a matchmaking service and skipping the online profile. Which matchmaking service is worth to pay for?

This is why I started this series of blogs, specially designed for people who are re-entering a dating scene. I will provide a plethora of information about services and places that will help you to have great dates.

Stick with me- together we will do some advance date planning, and not only will you have a great date – you will have a great experience.

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