Why Are We Still Single?

Single people, who want partners in Vancouver, face a dilemma: where do you go to find the possibility for love? We have pubs and raves, meet and greets, wine and cheese receptions for work, downtown lunch dating services, and adventure clubs with a twist for romance. Still, with almost half of the Canadian adult population reported as single, how can it be difficult to meet a potential partner?

For those interested in meeting other singles, Vancouver does offer several options. Known for being a healthy city with an environment conducive for outdoor sports and recreation, you can always find something to do. In fact, it’s not that difficult to find people willing to do it with you if you join a hiking or other activity club or even hook up via a Meet Up or community event.

attraction starts withinThe problem is not in the numbers

We don’t have a problem with the number of singles available, or the potential to meet them, we have a problem with our attractor factor.

Canadian singles don’t need more boob jobs or hair rejuvenation treatments to find someone to love them. The problem is the insidious mindset. Canadians, believing it is better not to assert oneself too much, seek, wish for and weep for love. Online dating, the singles evening pastime has gifted men and women sitting at a computer screen waiting for someone to look at an outdated photo and pick them for love.

Attraction starts from within

Attraction is powerful internal combustion. It is dynamically generated through personal growth, challenge, courage, contentment and joy. Attraction starts with the individual knowing inside them that they bring something to life; that their presence in this world makes a difference, and that others want to enjoy what they bring to the table.

Rather than sitting in front of the computer waiting for a “message” signal from an online dating site, the attractor single is doing, learning, relaxing but enjoying themselves which in turn sends out a beacon message – “I love life, myself and others. I am able to give and receive love.” Men and women suited to that invisible “morse code” type communication are attracted, and the rest simply unfolds.

Attractor factor singles may visit the same restaurants, bars, libraries or community theater as the desperately seeking singles, but come away with new friends and possible partners lining up to see them again. The magnet is active, and one whole and happy person is allowed to magnetize to themselves others who feel likewise.

Attraction verses endless dating

When a person knows and enjoys their own company, the endless dating rituals become obsolete. These singles are no longer seeking to be entertained, or prevented from loneliness; they can do that for themselves. Instead they greet the world with a inside knowing and comfort level that makes building successful relationships possible.


One Response to “Why Are We Still Single?”
  1. Rae says:

    I like the take you have in this post. So often people are saying there are no singles out there or there are no good guys. But Ì think that`s just what they find because that`s what they`re seeing. It`s refreshing to read that there is hope and places to go and way to be to make connections and love happen! 🙂

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