Why Gift Giving is Good for Dating and Relationships

Giving gifts is important in relationshipsWhy Gift Giving is Good for Dating and Relationships

Before birth we are introduced to receiving gifts and we are involved in a gift exchange ritual throughout our life. In modern society, gifts lost their practical quality; but it’s still one of the most bonding social traditions between people.

Why gifts are so important in our dating and relationships?

Presenting a gift is a ritual that helps us to express our feelings to someone we care about.  Gift giving is a perfect opportunity for us to connect with our inner side where we feel good about ourselves, because we spend our hard earned money to please someone else.

It’s better to give than to receive

You have probably been taught since childhood that it’s better to give than receive.  The natural mind resists such a thought. Secretly we all like receiving!  Soon we learn though, that the potent feeling that comes when someone we care about is receiving a gift from us.  The look on their face and the expression in their body and voice far surpasses our momentary joy in felt when we receive.

Even in giving, it all comes back to us.  We feel great to be a giver. We love, and loving makes us feel empowered.

The more energy we put into a gift, the wider are our gates are to give and receive love and appreciation. If we can free ourselves to express emotion, through words or gifts, we enter into the moment and live more in the immediate.  The past behind, the future not yet ours, we relish the moment that is.

Here is a list of great gift giving ideas – but it will only improve if you too add your ideas.  Use the comment section below to add your ideas for great gifts or ingenious ways to give them.

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