Words Are Not that Important – Part #4

This is Part #4 of  “8 Tips for Making a Great Impression”. Read Part #1, Part #2, Part #3

Words are not that important

When it comes to making the first impression, our body speaks much louder than our words. It doesn’t really matter what we say during a conversation. The words form only 7 percent of your communication. The rest 93 percent are in our body language, tone of voice and our appearance.

If you are late, you are late. There are no ‘good’ excuses. This is when a first impression starts to be formed.  Rarely are there are significant reasons for running late. Usually it’s traffic, or a bad time management. We all know that. Respect other’s people time. They might have a tight schedule and almost broke their neck to be in time.

words are not that important

Your physical appearance matters
We like to say that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but we always do. The truth is that no matter how kind, caring, loving person you are – nobody knows that yet!  Your presentation begins to tell your story.

You don’t have to have look like James Bond or Julia Roberts (I am sure look different in a daily life anyways). But you have to look YOUR best. Study up on image & style, update your hair style and wardrobe. Help others want to open the book and learn more about you.

Make a routine: visit your hairstylist, keep a small mirror and a matching lipstick for women, clean and repair your shoes, check your wardrobe – are buttons missing, do you need alterations. Do you need your shirts ironed?

How about your teeth? Did you know that good teeth are in the top “must haves” of people’s checklist when they date? Sell your car, sell your soul, but keep your teeth looking great!

Your clothing communicates
Dress appropriately for an event. You can always find attire that will work for any occasion.  Classics are a great choice when you are unsure.  An image consultant can help you to find appropriate clothing for every occasion you have in your life, based on your age, body shape and personal preferences.

You don’t need to have the most expensive wardrobe but, your appearance should be clean and tidy. Sloppiness and messiness turns people off.

to be continued…

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One Response to “Words Are Not that Important – Part #4”
  1. "Erin" says:

    Hi Tatiana,

    I really enjoyed reading about “How To Keep Your Image Up To Date”. You did an excellent job with that article! I know many ladies do not bother with this too much, as they grow older, and it is especially important at that time of life to get one’s act together. Not only for their own well being, and self esteem, but for others, and to attract new friendships into one’s life.

    I know that my son mentioned to me, about 10 years ago, to stay away from ditsy prints, huge flowers, to always have new jewelery, even if it is just costume jewelery, and to get my nails and hair done.No sparkles….no clutter, no odd designer cuts and shapes…just choose good quality items. I think people are afraid to put themselves first, and spend a little money on themselves. I know that I used to be that way.

    My mom once told me, “let the man spend his money on you, and they will spend it anyway and it might as well be on you; otherwise they will just spend it on themselves, to please themselves”. I have found this to be true, it makes them proud to be able to provide for you, even though you can do it for yourself. To do this though, you have to be able to accept, and surrender. Lots of people do not know how to accept a compliment, never mind a gift!

    Just be grateful and say “thank you” for doing this for me…and watch their eyes light up. Make it a habit, when anyone, anywhere does anything for you…and this little gesture will change your life….stand back and watch it do so!

    It is better to buy two classic items a year, than buy lots of trendy stuff. That way you are always updating a “good quality” wardrobe, and are always in fashion. Accessories can be easily changed and should be the color point of your wardrobe, to compliment your basic colored wardrobe. I now get many compliments from other people, on how I look and dress.

    I don’t wear those stupid Christmas sweaters, and anything with “jewelery” sewn onto the garment, as it looks cheap. A long time ago I took a color course to show me which colors suited me the best, and that helped too. Every little bit helps. In September I buy Vogue magazine, read all of the fashion tips, note the colors for the year, and when I go shopping in the states, I buy the knock offs. The states is two years ahead of us in color charts for everything from clothes, to furniture and fabrics. By the time it reaches here, I have owned it for two years already, and then trend is starting to die out.

    Also, I am finding, amongst some of my single friends, that the reason they are not married is they always want things their way, and they are right in their opinions,…all of the time and not open to share others opinions too. In effect they are stubborn, and control freaks…to a certain extent. They don’t want to change their habits to improve their lives and share a life with someone. Learn to share opinions and ideas…you are Not always right…and give the other person a chance to shine. You may just be surprised, and surprise yourself too. It’s a lot less work than trying to run everything, all of the time.

    It is all a matter of attitude, and I know that since I have taken your classes, that my attitude is much more open. The gentlemen can sense that I really care about them, what they think, and respect what they say. Then they respect me….you have to earn respect. I think some women lack “a kind of respect”, for men, that they would give a girlfriend….for whatever reason. It’s too bad really, as it is much better to share your life, and you can do so many more things, with the right mate. Learn to follow a gentleman’s lead, as they are testing you for resilience, reliability, and to see if they can eventually live with you.

    I am so thankful that I know “how” to share my life, and “how” to live with someone else, as it is work, but pleasant work. Meeting new people, in a variety of settings, that you enjoy, helps you to find the kind of mate, and know that they enjoy that activity, as well.

    Try to plan to get out to as many places as you can, as you can’t meet someone, sitting at home reading a book, or watching TV. Try bowling, potlucks, community events, a movie group, a new place you have never been for coffee, or grocery shopping between 6 and 7, when all the singles are just heading home from work. How about the wine shop, and when someone chats with you, answer back with something intelligent to say…not just yes or no. The person would not be willing to open a conversation with you, in the first place, if they did not think you were attractive, or eligible…or both.

    Thank you for the timely reminder and you look elegant, every time I see you, Tatiana. Keep up the good work!


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