Your Relationship DNA

Your Relationship DNA

Still looking for the “great guy” your mom always wanted you to find? Wondering where you will find the “goddess of your dreams” who will love you for who you are?
Look no further! Quit searching. Cease your online shopping and snooping.

Your Relationship DNA

Until you re-create your internal sensors, you will most likely continue to attract the same selfish, lying, boring, sleepy, unfaithful, uncaring, inconsiderate, sexually stale, physically lazy, financially scalped and playfully challenged individuals you have always attracted. It’s in your Relationship DNA!

Relationship DNA

Your relationships are made up of what you consciously consider about a partner and what you subconsciously consider about yourself and the messages those thoughts communicate to others.

Like DNA, they are weaved together, and often what you don’t realize that what you want or crave for your own emotional wellbeing – is exactly what you are attracting!

So it won’t matter how many different guys you date, or how many different sites or services you try to find the right woman – until you know your own hidden agendas, you will – WITHOUT FAIL – continue to attract people into your life that will disappoint or hurt you.

Is There Something Wrong With Me?


You have a unique history, life experience, family, and community of friends and influencers that have helped you become your distinct person. Along the way, you may have learned things by trial and error and not all your influences were positive. Typically we develop ways to overcompensate or avoid situations we find uncomfortable or even painful. These hidden mannerisms and fears are the very triggers that signal the same individuals to show up in your world, usually the people poorly suited to your conscious goals and romantic dreams.

It’s strange. The same personality types show up in different clothing, careers, towns, and social circles. They may present themselves quite different at the beginning of your friendship and yet, before long, you find yourself with the same hurts, same wounds, and the identical feeling of disappointment.

Your Emotional Life

We all need the emotional support of others. The expressions may vary, and the level of need fluctuate, but no one lives a healthy life without emotional connections.
If those emotional needs were somehow overlooked, neglected or poorly satisfied in your childhood, you will search for what you need – whether consciously or not. Some people appear “needy,” or “sensitive” or “aloof” as adults because for whatever reason they are lacking some of the emotional maturity that can start only from within themselves.

When we are looking for a partner from the place of what we ‘need’ instead of what we ‘want’, we might choose destructive relationships over and over again till we learn that happiness and contentment is an inside job. A partner should help us but we should help ourselves first.

Our unhealthy patterns will remain until we replace them with healthy ones.

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Relationship patterns repeat themselves… repeat themselves… repeat themselves… Your partners may walk differently, dress differently, share dissimilar backgrounds or career paths – and still, somehow, turn into the same bad news you had the last time (and maybe many times before).

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